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Safest Southeast Asian Countries to Visit during Coronavirus Outbreak

April 06, 2021 - 11333 views

As the Coronavirus or COVID-19 started from China and affects strongly East Asia, at present, most people see this area and the neighborhood of Southeast Asia as a center of disease and it seems not so safe to come and visit this area during this period.

Although COVID-19 has been founded in more than 10 countries in Asia, the real outbreak only happens in some nations such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore; meanwhile, other Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia, have not found any infected case of Coronavirus yet or found but the number of patients increases slowly or has not raised for a long time and no death case was reported. Below are some Southeast Asian countries that you may pay a visit during the Coronavirus outbreak.


Myanmar or Burma is one of the most mysterious and beautiful lands in Asia. This country shares the border with China in the Northeast; however, as it stays far from the disease center – Wuhan, China, it seems like the Coronavirus cannot touch this land, especially when the Chinese government has isolated the disease area. Besides, the number of tourists from countries which has been affected strongly by COVID-19 such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore is really low which limits the chance that the Coronavirus can attack Myanmar. As reported, up until now, there is no COVID-19 infected case found in Myanmar, make it become one of the safest popular destinations in Southeast Asia.

myanmar is one of the safest countries during coronavirus outbreak

You should not miss the ancient mysterious beauty of Bagan (Myanmar)


Another land that reported with no COVID-19 infected case is Laos. Also, share the border with China, but for the same reason as Myanmar, it is likely that Coronavirus cannot affect Laos easily. If you are an adventurer, don’t miss Laos in your Easter or Christmas holiday as these are the most beautiful time to visit Laos as the weather is cool and dry which is suitable for any thrilling adventure. Of course, if you prefer sightseeing and relaxing, there are many attractions and activities the fit your needs such as join a takbat ceremony in the early morning and visit some ancient temples in Vientiane or Luang Prabang.

 laos is one of the safest countries during coronavirus outbreak

A peaceful morning in Luang Prabang


So far, there is only 1 COVID-19 infected case was found in Cambodia and it was about 1 month ago, up until now no more patient was found and no sign of the comeback of Coronavirus to Cambodia. If you are planning to visit the world-known heritage – Angkor Wat, see the stunning Royal Palace in the capital, have a soft adventure in Battambang or just relax at a wild beach in Sihanoukville, don’t hesitate to book an air ticket and buy a tour to Cambodia, there is still time until the most beautiful season of this land starts at November!

Cambodia is one of the safest countries during coronavirus outbreak

Leisure time at Sihanoukville sandy beach


Comparing with some countries above, Vietnam is not as lucky as them because there were 16 COVID-19 infected patients found in this land. Fortunately, all 16 cases were cured and there is no new infected patient for more than 10 days up until now which makes Vietnam become one of the safest countries among nations affected by the Coronavirus. On the other hand, although there are policies to limit the immigration from Chinese to Vietnam, put in quarantine tourists from Korea, and no immigration from Korean disease center (like Daegu) is allowed, this country still welcomes (with medical control) a huge number of tourists from Japan and all other countries (either their homeland found COVID-19 or not). Therefore, it is quite safe to visit Vietnam at present but all travelers should bring along sanitizer and medical masks to protect themselves throughout the trip.

Vietnam is one of the safest countries during coronavirus outbreakmasks against COVID-19

Giving free masks against COVID-19 in Hanoi

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