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Top 5 Places for Homestay Experience in Sapa

March 15, 2023 - 958 views

If you’re wondering where to get the homestay experience in Sapa, take a look at these 5 best places for the authentic experience of homestay in Sapa.

Sa Pa is a cloudy town that attracts a large number of tourists with majestic mountain views and unique experiences when integrating with the life of ethnic minorities. Thanks to this attraction, the tourism industry here has been flourishing in recent years. Therefore, the service has also grown to give the most enjoyable experience for tourists, including homestay services. Nowadays, many tourists come to Sapa to rest in the homestay accommodation. Let's take a look at these top 5 unique homestays in Sapa.

1. Phorri's House - Ta Van Valley

It is true to say that Phorri's House brings you great experiences when you come to Sapa. Phorri's House is located at the end of Ta Van Village, 8km from the center of Sapa town. Tourists can cross the road from Muong Hoa to Ta Van and it will take about 20 to 30 minutes if traveling by taxi or motorbike.

Phorri's House Homestay in Sapa

Phorri's House

Phorri's House brings a warm and familiar feeling to tourists when they stay in this type of accommodation. The rooms have spectacular views overlooking the valley and rice fields. In front of Phorri's House, there is a small stream, murmuring, making visitors feel completely away from the crowded streets, immersing in nature, and enjoying the whole vacation. It was great to sit by the flat rocks next to the stream and read a book.

2. Eco Palms House - Lao Chai Village

Eco Palms House is located in Ban Lao Chai, not too far from the Ham Rong mountain area and Sapa stone church. If you transfer from town to Eco Palms House, it will take about 30 minutes. The rooms here have views overlooking the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows. These 5 houses are designed and decorated as typical houses of 5 ethnic minorities living in Sapa such as H'Mong, Tay, Dao Do, Xa Pho, and Giay.

Eco Palms House homestay in Sapa

Eco Palms House

The houses are designed with materials such as bamboo and wood – materials that are not only simple, rustic, close to nature but also help guests feel cool in the summer and warm. As homestay experience, each house is full of furniture, decor layout extremely simple but impressive. In the room equipped with a lazy chair, you can take it to the front porch, sip a cup of hot tea, admire the picturesque front view, and enjoy every extremely valuable moment. Each room is prepared with 2 traditional costumes for guests to take photos or wear to the market.

3. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge - Nam Cang Village

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is located in Nam Cang village, about 30km from the center of town. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is home to the Dao Do ethnic minorities. The homestay is located by a small river where a suspension bridge across the river creates a beautiful poetic setting. In addition to beautiful views, this homestay also makes visitors satisfied with the bedrooms equipped with full facilities, modern, no less than any other luxurious hotel at all. Coming to Nam Cang Riverside Lodge, you will immerse yourself in nature, in the pleasant weather, and enjoy the majestic mountains.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge homestay in Sapa

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

The house is made of wood, a special kind of wood that gives off a sweet aroma that makes you feel comfortable. Deep brown tones are used in most decorative items to make the room feel strangely cozy. Rooms at Nam Cang Riverside Lodge have many doors, they are decorated not too fussy but extremely eye-catching. The dining room is decorated with wooden tables carved in the style of a tree to harmonize with space. Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore the lives of indigenous people.

4. Viettrekking Homestay - End of Hoang Lien Street

Viettrekking Homestay is one of the most ideal destinations for many travelers to Sapa. At Viettrekking Homestay, visitors find a strange peaceful feeling when immersed in the majestic nature. This is also the most beautiful place to contemplate the mystical clouds in Sapa. There’re more and more visitors coming to explore this paradise of Sapa.

Viettrekking Homestay in Sapa

Viettrekking Homestay

Viettrekking Homestay is located at the end of Hoang Lien Street. You can go from Cau May crossroads and turn about 400 meters. This location moves to the central area only takes 5 minutes. It is extremely convenient!

Sitting by the window, you can watch the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Fansipan peak at the same time. You have the opportunity to explore the culinary neighborhood at Fansipan intersection and Sapa night market.

5. Gem Valley - Cat Cat Village

Gem Valley is designed by a couple who are artists, so Gem Valley is like a dream house with a very unique decoration. There is no denying that Gem Valley is highly artistic. Initially, it was known as the most unique cafe in Sapa. After that, because there are too many guests support, and love, this place has some homestay to serve visitors who need it.

Gem Valley homestay in Sapa

Gem Valley

Gem Valley is located on the road leading down to Cat Cat village, 2km from the center of town. It is very easy to move to other tourist destinations such as Ham Rong, Sapa ancient church, Ta Phin village, etc. You will not have to move too much to visit and explore.

Gem Valley currently attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, and surely this homestay will be more popular in the future. If one day, you feel too tired, come to Gem Valley immediately!

All in all, here are the top 5 best places for homestay experience in Sapa. Try them out as soon as you can!

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