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The Annual Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops 2018

September 06, 2022 - 1091 views

Have you ever heard about Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops? This year is the 14th time this program is organized in Siem Reap as a chance for professional photographers exhibit their works and many other photographers who were selected from the bests in Asia can come here and join the short photography course with some interesting and useful classes for both the amateurs and professionals.

For people who may not know, the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops was organized the first time in 2004 and takes place annually up until now. In the past 13 years, it was an important and memorable meeting point for photographers all around the world. They came to exhibit their works or joined exhibitions of truly professional photographers and learned from some training classes that were organized in about 1 week of the event. For other people who may not be a photographer but love photography or just want to spend time for relaxation while enjoying impressive beautiful photos in an exhibition in Siem Reap (Cambodia), this event is also an ideal choice.

 14th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop in Siem Reap

14th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop in Siem Reap 

This 14th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops in 2018 is going to take place from 8th to 18th December and as usual, the schedule is fully covered with extremely appealing activities. The schedule is organized densely from morning until night with exhibitions, speeches, talk shows, and classes. This year, the event is going to focus on some world hot topics like social life, women & children, and also protecting copyright problems.

An impressive photo in "Dalit: A Quest for Dignity" exhibition

An impressive photo in "Dalit: A Quest for Dignity" exhibition 

The remarkable activities in this event are the project of Children Days which is going to take place on 16th December, the World Press Photo and What Happen Here Exhibitions, and some afternoon sessions that are publicly opened and free for attending with hot topics for photographers and photography lovers such as Freelancing in Southeast Asia and Copyrights & Contracts with world-known speakers

An image from "What Has Happened Here" exhibition

An image from "What Has Happened Here" exhibition 

Besides the interesting activities, there is a core of this event – a workshop! The Angkor Photo workshop is for the most talented photographers in Asia and is followed by the most professional photographers from around the world as tutors. This is the chance for these photographic talents to learn and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the truly professional ones and develop further in their photographic career.

Angkor photo workshop tutors

This year's workshop tutor 

If you are finding a new experience in Cambodia, just come to Siem Reap this month to join Angkor Photo Festival and Workshops to enjoy interesting and useful photographic activities here or admire the most beautiful images from a professional lens, see and feel different sides of life through those impressive pictures.


(Image source: Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops)

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