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Which is the most safe and cheapest destination after Coronavirus Pandemic?

March 31, 2023 - 3174 views

Any plan after social distance during the outbreak of Coronavirus? Do you miss the outside scenery with beautiful nature, peaceful villages or crowded streets with bar, restaurants, shopping malls full of people? If you are bored for being stay at home for such a long time, why not plan for a trip to one of the most safety and cheapest destinations as below?


Comparing with the extremely dangerous position which shares hundreds kilometers border line with China (the first and one of the biggest Coronavirus outbreaks in the world), Vietnam has been doing really well with disease preventions which was begun really soon from the end of 2019. At that time, many people said that what Vietnam did is “overreact”; however, at the present, the result said that Vietnam’ “overreact” is necessary and the number of infected cases is limited although this country is China’s neighbor. 

The strongest decision of Vietnam is that it has totally closed itself to other countries since the end of March. Up until now, the country has been closing for more than 2 months and after more than 50 days no public infection found. In fact, most of Vietnamese locals said that they almost forget that there is something call Coronavirus and is waiting for the re-opening which is expected to be at September. To prepare for welcoming international tourists again, the E-visa is going to be officially granted again from 1st July 2020 for citizens from 80 countries.  

Vietnam is one of the safest and cheapest country after coronavirus outbreak

Vietnamese people have already left the pandemic behind

Should you worry about the spread of Coronavirus in Vietnam when travelling here? Of course you should. However, as the government will keep continue to apply tightly epidemic controls, you just have to prepare mask, hand sanitizer, vitamins, drink a lot of water and everything should be fine.

Although travelling after the crisis caused by Coronavirus Pandemic seems like quite costly; however, if you are so bored with such a long time stay at home during the lockdown, travelling Vietnam sounds like a good choice as it is not so expensive as many airlines and tourism services providers are offering the low price to boost the travelling demand which makes booking a tour for next year from now is so reasonable because everything is cheap at present.


In contrast with the panic in many other countries which Coronavirus causes the nightmare for all people there and no sign of its stop, Laos is like in a different world where there were only 19 infected cases and all recovered. Up until now, there has been no new cases of Covid-19 found for 2 months and Laos claims the end of the outbreak inside the country according to the rules from WHO. At the moment, there is no social distancing measure applied, the normal life comeback with Laotians. However, all the country is still waiting for the opening of border gates after months the Laos lockdown itself from others.

Laos is not well-known as a tourism destination as still there is not so many people know about this country. However, at present, thanks to its unpopularity, Laos becomes the one of the most safety destination. Opposed to a not so famous traveled destination like Laos, the cost to visit this country is quite high as the services here are usually reviewed as much expensive than what it offers. However, after the pandemic, the cost to travel Laos will be down a lot to boost the tourism activities here which is an opportunity for anyone who want to visit Laos but could not afford for it before. 

The wild nature ìn Laos is waiting for explorers after Covid-19 pandemic

The wild nature ìn Laos is waiting for explorers


The Coronavirus Outbreak found in Myanmar later than the other part of the world; however, it seems like the situation is controllable as after 2 months, there is only 262 cases available, this figure is much lower than the current situation in many developed countries and showing the signs of leveling off.

Like many other countries where the Covid-19 is not really a problem, Myanmar has low population, sparse population density, therefore the infection rate here is much lower. Although the number of patients is increasing in Myanmar; however, the spreading speed of Coronavirus here is limited, and it is believed that the outbreak in this country will be totally controlled in the next 2 months.

Booking a tour to Myanmar now is absolutely a good choice as just like Laos, normally the cost to visit Myanmar is not cheap; however, due to the influence of Covid-19 Pandemic, all services providers here have to discount the price to attract more tourists which help the cost for travelling in Myanmar now is so reasonable.

Come and admire the magnificent ancient landscape of Myanmar

Come and admire the magnificent ancient landscape of Myanmar


Thailand is the dreamy destination of many travelers with crowded street, tasty street food, best price services, beautiful beaches, adventurous forests, etc. However, because of its popularity, Thailand had been in nightmare of Coronavirus for months with thousands infected patients but luckily only 58 reported deaths – a modest figure compared with countries still in crisis due to the pandemic.

2 months ago, when the Coronavirus reached its peak in Thailand, hundreds infected cases recorded each day; however, when the government lockdown the country and applies strong measures, the influence of Covid-19 in Thailand is totally in controlled. There are still new cases but the density is much lower than before, only 1 or 2 new cases each day, some days no new case found and it is expected that Thailand can claim the end of the outbreak inside the country in the next 3 – 4 months.

Thailand is so famous for being one of the best tourism destinations in the world which is so interesting, can afford variety of demands from tourist, reasonable cost, suitable for all types of travellers from backpackers, adventurers to excursion, leisure tourists. To help the tourism industry recover after the Coronavirus outbreak, there are many plans created, included discount the price of air-ticket and domestic services, especially, the cost for luxury services will be down a lot therefore after the pandemic, it is the chance for anyone who want to enjoy deluxe experience with better price.

Thailand is waiting for the comeback of tourists

Thailand is waiting for the comeback of tourists


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