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Top 6 Recommendations For Mekong River Cruises

April 05, 2021 - 1513 views

The Mekong cruises will give the tourist a chance to admire the scenery and explore many exciting features of the Southwest, Vietnam. Relaxing under the sunshine on the cruiser is a great experience. Today, there are a lot of cruisers serving in the Mekong River, tourists may be confused about how to choose the most suitable one.

Here, we will list the best cruises in the Mekong River based on the rate and recommendation of customers.

1. Mekong Eyes Cruise

With the classic design but modem comforts, Mekong Eyes cruise brought to the tourist a warm and elegant atmosphere. Available since 2014, it is one of the best choices with a long time experience in Mekong tours. Mekong Eyes cruise was decorated and built from the highest quality wood by technique craftsmen.

Mekong Eyes Cruise

Mekong Eyes Cruise

14 deluxe cabins are fully equipped and have a big window that offered a view over the Mekong River. A large dining room provides a diverse menu and bar.  If you do not want to only lie on the top of the desk, Mekong Eyes can also give you a bike tour or cooking class during the trip.

2. Bassac Cruise

Bassac is built fully of stellar wood, which is very valuable in Vietnamese culture because; in the past, only Royal families were able to use this kind of wood. Traveling with Bassac, tourists will be very interested in a list of reserve destinations for you to choose from. In addition, there always have kayaks to help tourists explore the Mekong along small canals. The wide bar area is the ideal place to hold cozy and luxurious parties on the board.

Bassac Cruise

Bassac Cruise

All cabins have soundproof walls and double glazing to protect passengers' sleep from the noise. It used area about 8m2 and equipped air conditioning in all cabins as well as comfortable services.

3. Song Xanh Sampan

Song Xanh Sampan will provide a great private cruise experience which is the best choice for couples or families with a unique team that only has 4 attentive members. The cabin area is up to 15m2, having high-quality bamboo and rattan furniture and a king-size bed. Tourists will be satisfied with the buffet breakfast and à la carte menu for the main meals.

Song Xanh Sampan

Song Xanh Sampan

The size of the boat allows tourists to explore more detail about many canals and arroyos in the Mekong river while many other cruises in the Mekong river cannot do it. Relaxing here, you not only watch the interesting local lifestyle along the Mekong riverside but also try fishing like a local from here.

4. Jayavarman Cruise

“Jayavarman” is the name of a King in the Khmer kingdom, who had many contributions to the development of Cambodia history. The cruiser is designed under the style of French in Indochina during 20th-century and added some Khmer-style details as the highlight. With a capacity of about 54 tourists, Jayavarman Cruise is enjoyed by tourists when served by the Cambodian team, the crew is Vietnamese.

Jayavarman Cruise

Jayavarman Cruise

With the standard of a 5-star cruise, Jayavarman has a fully functional space with high-end facilities, such as lounges, restaurants, bars, spas, etc. Comfortable and luxurious furniture, the journey with many unexpected discoveries will bring an exciting experience to every tourist, including the most demanding ones.

5. Jahan Cruise

Being the symbol of the romantic oriental character in the luxury cruiser group of Heritage Line Company, the Jahan cruiser is 70m long and 12.8m wide with 26 rooms with private balconies. Named after King Shah Jahan of Mughal Kingdom, this cruiser impresses the tourists with its Indian architectural style mixed with the typical Khmer and Cham culture of the Mekong Delta.

Jahan Cruise

Jahan Cruise

Asiatique Design has succeeded in turning a cruiser into a premium "resort" but still remaining the classical architecture. The detail of decoration and furniture will take the customers on a journey back to the past in India.

6. RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise

Exploring the beauty of the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia with the luxury RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise will be an interesting memory for many tourists. The design of RV Mekong Prestige II is based on the architecture of the old Saigon and Phnom Penh under the French colonial –era. The cruiser has 32 cabins and a private balcony in each cabin.

RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise

RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise

A full-function area with sundeck, pool, spa, restaurant, lounge bar, etc. will bring tourists the most comfortable service during the journey. Besides that, the RV Mekong Prestige II cruiser also provides many activities on board such as magical musical performance and dances, stunning dining, etc. which will give you more knowledge about Mekong culture.

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