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Vietnam among the Best Tourist Destinations after the COVID-19 Outbreak

April 14, 2021 - 1203 views

Despite being severely affected by the COVID-19, Vietnam has shown great potential for international tourism since the economic recovery. Vietnam is expected to be one of the most popular destinations after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Vietnam is regarded as one of the first economies likely to restart international tourism following the COVID-19 pandemic. What makes Vietnam become such an attractive destination for international tourists after the outbreak? Let’s explore the best attractions to visit in Vietnam when the COVID-19 is over.

Vietnam against the COVID-19 outbreak

When the world is fighting the coronavirus spread, Vietnam has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of inbound tourists as well as a huge drop by 7.7 billion USD in February – April tourism revenues. However, Vietnam’s economy is gradually regaining and expected to achieve a 2.7 percent increase in 2020, thanks to the enormous success in coronavirus prevention and control.

In international newspapers and magazines, Vietnam is rapidly ranked as one of the most successful countries in the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatment. Up to now (June 3rd, 2020, the national COVID-19 count is 328, of these 298 cases have recovered after treatment and no deaths. Additionally, Vietnam has gone 48 days without any coronavirus cases infected by community transmission.

Vietnam tourism after the coronavirus lockdown

After the ease of social distancing restrictions on April 23rd, the Vietnamese government has allowed most inessential services to resume operation. Correspondingly, domestic transportation also reopens for the need for business and tourism in Vietnam. It is eyeing an explosion of domestic tourism in Vietnam since a large number of local tourists start to travel after the coronavirus lockdown.

Vietnam prepares to resume tourism activities after the coronavirus lockdown

Vietnam prepares to resume tourism activities after the coronavirus lockdown

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism also prepares to welcome visitors from foreign countries and territories in the forecast of recovery, mostly in Asian and Australian continents. At first, the Vietnamese government is going to grant the e-visa for foreign tourists from July 1st,2020, including citizens of about 80 countries worldwide.

For more details: Vietnam E-visa is going to be granted for foreign tourists from July 2020

Why choose Vietnam as a destination after the outbreak?

As far as I concern, Vietnam has been successfully controlled the COVID-19 crisis. The country is one of the first Asian economies and tourisms to start the resumption shortly. According to WeSwap, Vietnam is regarded as the most potential reborn tourism all over the world. Despite the ban still in place on foreign tourists as well as a major of tourist markets under lockdown, many hotels and resorts are running a promotion with huge discounts and special offers to attract local tourists.

In addition, Vietnam is a safe destination for good public health and medication system. In Vietnam, you can have the opportunity to get high-quality medical services as the country has dealt best with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention, Vietnam is a wonderful destination with a great variety of beauty spots. See the top following places to visit in Vietnam after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Top 3 Vietnam’s destinations after the COVID-19

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, located in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, is regarded as the “Pearl Island” of Vietnam. Phu Quoc officially resumed tourist activities in late May 2020 and welcomed plenty of domestic visitors and foreigners residing in Vietnam after that. There are a lot of luxury resorts, hotels, and beautiful sightseeing for beach relaxation after the coronavirus lockdown.

The "Pearl Island" Phu Quoc in Vietnam - best destination after covid-19 outbreak

The "Pearl Island" Phu Quoc in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Known as the UNESCO Heritage Site in northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is an attractive destination for inbound tourists all the time. After reopening, Halong Bay becomes more and more popular as plenty of promotions and hot deals make Halong Bay the cheapest than ever. What is better than embarking on a luxury Halong Bay cruise on a budget?

Halong Bay is expected to be the most popular destination after the covid-19 outbreak

Halong Bay is expected to be the most popular destination after the outbreak

Da Lat

Da Lat is a charming small town in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, without any coronavirus infections reported. With the picturesque scenery and year-round cool climate, Da Lat welcomes foreign tourists to the wonderland of uphill journeys and chilling spots after the COVID-19.

Da Lat is perfect for relaxation after the COVID-19

Da Lat is perfect for relaxation after the COVID-19

All in all, Vietnam will soon reopen tourism activities when the negative impacts of the COVID-19 are lessen. Let’s stay home to draw up your travel plan for the upcoming holiday in Vietnam after the coronavirus spread.

Nhung Dang

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